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Week 8 & 9 – We surfed on a river!

We started the 8th week of our trip with a flight to Portugal. We had the chance to be with our family, but not for long because we had another client waiting in Prague, Czech Republic!


Back to Germany we decided to go to Munich and stop in Dachau to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, to learn more about the history of the world war II.



Our first experience in Munich was an areal view from the top of the beautiful Neues Rathaus. It's a very busy city! +photos


Munich has one of the most beautiful gardens we have seen so far. Truly gorgeous!


We also visited the Haus Der Kunst, The House of Arts, the first monumental structure built by Hitler as a Nazi Propaganda.


As incredible as it seems, we had the chance to surf right in the center of Europe! In Munich there is a well-known river called Eisbach, in the English Garden, that forms a static wave with enough power for surfing. We tried it, and it was really hard!! +photos


In Prague, we stayed at our client's house, for whom we designed a branding. Between many hours of work, we managed to have time to visit the city, and these were our transports.


There is a local market in almost every city we go! It is always amazing to get to know the local products. +photos


We also had the chance to try some typical food sold in the street shops. This is called  Trdelnik, a very popular pastry in the Czech Republic.




Today we will leave our "family" in Prague, that we are going to miss a lot, and we are going to Viena in Austria. Follow us on Instagram for our daily photos and stay tuned for the next blog post!


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