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Week 3 – We got our feet wet!

We are on the road for three weeks now!  It seems so little compared to what we already have lived and learned.

These days were incredible, we had the chance to know France a bit better and to surf before going to the center of Europe, where we are going to do most of our projects.

The search for waves started in Biarritz a place that we already know really well but that didn't make it less magical! +photos




Hossegor was the second stop of the week. A city well known in the surf scene by being part of the world surf league circuit.



The day we left, we had the chance to visit a small local fair in the city center.


From Hossegor we went to Bordeaux, one of the cities that we couldn't wait to visit! It revealed even more beautiful than we expected due to the urban culture and to all the people and art we saw in the streets.


We visited the "Place de la Bourse" a must go place in Bordeaux, and the experience was unique. It fills with vapor and then it becomes a lake where the whole town gets their feet wet!



We've been in Lacanau and now we are in Paris, we can't wait to tell you but we'll leave that for next blog post!


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