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Week 6 & 7 – Two weeks, nine cities

These were the weeks that we visited more cities so far! After Luxembourg we planned to go to Utrecht where we had a customer waiting, but we couldn't go without visiting Brussels and Antwerp.

We got lost in Brussels, a huge city with a lot of people and history.



In Antwerp it was much easier to guide ourselves due to its big Cathedral in the city center. We also had the chance to see the Antwerp Pride Festival that happens every year for eight years now. +photos



Although we went on a Sunday we still found a few stores opened, many of them related to design and art. Among various galleries, one caught our attention with its minimalist paintings. We walked in to see more and we met Yves. It was really great to chat with him and learn more about his work. In the end, he gifted us one of his paintings and we got the best Antwerp souvenir.


From Antwerp we decided to visit Rotterdam, where we stayed for two nights. We had the chance to visit the entire city with our Surfskates.



As always we searched for the nearest skatepark, but this time, it was really easy since it was in the city center!


We finally went to Utrecht, but before that we made a quick stop in a city that is well known for its cheese, Gouda.  A small city surrounded by rivers and boats. There we found another local fair where we bought a Dutch Graphic Design book to give us inspiration for our future projects.


When we arrived in Utrecht we couldn't contact with our client so we decided to go visit Amsterdam in the next day.  Visiting the most liberal city in the world was a dream come true! A city with a huge music and design culture!


It is also known for being the city of bicycles so we had to visit it with them!



Back to Utrecht we finally had contact with our client and we found out that we wouldn't work with him. We had to change our plans and leave The Netherlands much earlier. But before that, we had to visit Utrecht!



We went to Dortmund where we had the opportunity to visit a friend and his city.



On our way to Heidelberg where we had another client waiting, (this time for real), we stopped in Frankfurt. +photos



In Heidelberg, we met our new client and stayed in her house. It is a very welcoming city surrounded by mountains and forests. +photos



Right now we are still in Heidelberg finishing our fifth project! Stay tuned for the next week blog post to know everything about it!


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