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Our new friends at Korando 😄

After some great days in Kilifi, we finally arrived in Kisumu. We arrived at the Dome house, from the Better Me Foundation, what we can call our new home for the next weeks.

We already have some things that we like to do here, like walking around the neighborhood during the morning and watching the beautiful African sunsets in front of the house.


The house is right next to the school, so when the kids get out we love to go there and play with them.  +photos



We are really happy to be friends with these amazing kids. One of the first that we met was Tebil, who became our Kiswahili teacher. One of the official languages in Kenya, the other one is English.


We also met Akama, one of the most cheeky kids around here, and Tiago's best friend now. 😁


Akama was all week teaching Tiago how to play the tire game. It's harder than it looks!!


Saturday was game day. All the older boys join for a late afternoon match. They always play barefoot, the ground is very rough and full of holes. The final result was 4-4. ⚽️


There are always a few fans watching the game. This time were the younger kids from the neighborhood and Ana.


During the week we found Nyanza Club, a relaxing place with a swimming pool.


Since we can't surf here we had to find another way to exercise. We also love to swim so it became part of our routine here. +photos


After swimming, we have to recharge our batteries, and there is nothing better than a buffet with traditional Kiswahili food.


This time we ate chapati (a delicious wheat flour cooked with oil) with rice and vegetables!  +photos


During the last days of the week, our awesome teacher gave us a full paper with new Kiswahili words to learn. Now we have a lot to study!


Between all of this, we still have to work, but it became really hard with all these amazing kids around 😂


During this next week, we will give some art and design workshops to the kids.

Stay tuned!

Amani ✌️ (Peace in Kiswahili)

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Teresa I C
January 24, 2017 at 12:52

Fantásticas fotos 🙂 e vocês são fantásticos…..
Continuem assim…..

    N/A Studio
    January 24, 2017 at 18:18

    Obrigado, beijinhos

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