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For Design reached Africa! 🌍

After four amazing months traveling around Europe exchanging design for a place to stay and board, we stopped to plan our next adventure. This time we go to Kenya to help an NGO called Better Me Foundation.

They provide food, shelter, education and healthcare for over 300 children in need. We will re-design their branding to help them reach more people.


To reach our destination, Kisumu, where is the foundation, we took a 13 hours flight with two stopovers. We arrived just a few days before the New Years Eve, and to celebrate it all the volunteers went to the coast.


This time we have to travel for 800km and take a bus for 16 hours! It was one of the worst trips of our lives. The driver was driving super fast and the roads are really really bad.



After this crazy trip, we arrived in Mombasa, the second biggest city of Kenya. Here we had to take another bus to reach our final destination, Kilifi.


In Mombasa, we walked around the city and found some beautiful street artists. We also discovered the Fort Jesus, a construction built by the Portuguese around 1596.



To go from Mombasa to Kilifi we took a Tuk Tuk and then a Matatu full of people for one hour.


After this crazy trip, we finally arrived in Kilifi!


It was there that we finally had more time to walk around and realize that we were in Africa! We saw beautiful things but we also saw poverty, which sucks.


The atmosphere of this place is completely different, but we love it! We found a great local restaurant with some delicious traditional Swahili food.



During our first Sunday there, we decided to go to the main beach, called Bofa beach. What we didn't know is that in Kilifi everyone goes to the beach on Sunday! 😅


It was at the Distant Relatives Ecolodge that we passed our New Years Eve. They hold a festival called Kilifi New Year, and it's two days of nonstop music.


Next to the campsite there is an amazing tropical beach. A small paradise with warm water and full of mini crabs.



We also made some crazy friends 😁


The Distant Relatives is an eco place so the showers were in the middle of the bamboos.


Every year at the festival they build a structure out of wood. Then they burn it on the first day of the year while celebrating the new year.



After an amazing week on the coast of Kenya, we arrived at the Dome House of the Better Me Foundation where we will work on their re-branding.


We had a great welcoming by the kids from the center, with chants and dances. During the next weeks, we will give them some workshops about graphic design.


We will share all the experience and show all the work in our social media. Stay tuned for more!

Amani ✌️

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January 15, 2017 at 15:42

Great work guys, keep it rocking.

    N/A Studio
    January 17, 2017 at 14:38

    Thank you so much Gabo ✌️

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